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EasiTrack's GPS Tracker is a robust small device

Used by over 250,000 vehicles in the USA

Highly configurable, feature rich, mobile asset tracking device

The GenX-5P is designed to service a wide variety of market and industry requirements. Features advanced technology that will last for years.

Some of the advanced features include:

  • Backup Battery, maintains the devices for at least 5 hours in case the main power is removed (theft, driver manipulation, etc.).
  • Accelerometer, to identify unwanted driver behavior like rapid accelerations, aggressive cornering, and hard braking.
  • Super-sensitive GPS Sensor, provides accurate location even under extreme conditions.
GenX-5P Tracker

EasiTrack sells the very same GPS Tracker brand and model that is sold by the biggest GPS Tracking companies in the USA

The GenX-5P is an ideal solution for Mobile Resource Management, vehicle tracking and many other location aware applications and services. This device is exactly the same one sold by the major GPS Tracking companies in the USA. The GenX-5P incorporates leading edge, quality components for superior reliability including a SuperSense GPS module and auto calibrating 3-axis accelerometer.

EasiTrack's GPS Tracker comes with an internal backup battery

The internal backup battery triggers an alert via SMS and/or email whenever the device is unplugged or when the vehicle's battery is disconnected. From that moment, the device continues working for a few hours using the internal backup battery, giving you the opportunity to follow it and find it before it is too late.

Super High Gain internal antenna

The antennas of EasiTrack's GPS device are internal. This facilitates incredibly the installation process, while providing an outstanding sensitivity that gives very accurate location information.

Internal 3-axis accelerometer

With its embedded 3-axis accelerometer, Easitrack's Tracker detects any movement even when the vehicle is OFF. Thanks to this feature, the GenX-5P will notify you in the event of your vehicle being towed while the ignition is OFF. The Smart-Engine in the GenX-5P will immediatelly activate an alert sent to you via SMS or Email, and will start reporting location changes every single minute.

Advance Technology to monitor Drivers Behavior

Another great benefit of the internal 3-Axis accelerometer is its ability to detect the most important bad-behaviors of drivers, including: Accelerations, Sudden Decelearations, Harsh Brakes, and Harsh Turns. Every time the device detects any of these behaviors, it triggers events that are sent to EasiTrack's system where the data is collected and reported to you immediatelly. You can take action on time, before an accident happens.

Optional: OBD Power Harness

If you want a very simple installation and are not very concerned with it being completely concealed, the OBD Power Connector is an excellent choice. It takes less than 15 minutes to install our GPS Tracker when plugged to the OBD.

Caution: Not all vehicles are equiped with OBD computer port. Make sure your vehicles include this option.

Powerful Tools That Give 100% Visibility Of Your Fleet

EasiTrack's GPS Tracker will enable your company with powerful tools to gain absolute visibility of your entire fleet. These are some of the tools provided:

  • Visualize your entire fleet in a real time map. Learn more about GPS Tracking in real time.
  • Replay the route of each one of your vehicles, for any given day. Called the Breadcrumb Trail, this tool allows you to optimize your routes and get a better understanding of what your vehicels are doing every day. Learn more about Breadcrumb Trail.
  • Automatically monitor arrivals and departures as well as stay length to any job site, customer, or any other place of interest to your business. Learn more about Geofences.
  • Receive real time alerts to your cell phone or to your email on events like speeding, excesive idling, long stops, arrivals/departures from geofences, unauthorized usage, and more. Learn more about Real Time Alerts
  • Dispatch vehicles to service calls more efficiently, with just a couple clicks. Learn more about Dispatching in one click.

Input/Output and Peripheral Support

The GenX-5P I/O capabilities enable multiple configurations, peripheral support and monitoring including digital inputs and outputs, relays, serial and 1-wire peripheral communication, vehicle conditions and activity, and Driver ID button.

Easy Over The Air Servicing

The GenX-5P configuration parameters and firmware are upgradeable over-the air and can be pushed to the GenX-5P using IP or text messaging or autonomously pulled by the GenX-5P from any TFTP or FTP server; this allows feature updates to be deployed to a fleet of GenX-5P’s by EasiTrack in a very efficient manner. This reduces field service visits and can prolong the serviceable life of the GenX-5P.

Made in USA

The GenX-5P is 100% engineered and manufactured in the USA.


Dimensions 4.1 x 3.7 x 1.1 inches
Weight 4 ounces, 114 grams
Operating Voltage 8 to 30V DC
Operating Consumption 95mA (avg), 680mA (peak Tx)
Sleep Consumption <1mA
Operating -22° to 185°F (-30°C to 85°C)
Storage -40° to 185°F (-40°C to 85°C)
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
GPS Receiver 50 Channel
Sensitivity -161dBm Tracking
Time-to-first-fix 27s (@ -147dBm, Cold start)
Digital Inputs 5 (3 hi, 2 low)
Relay Drive Outputs 4 (150mA max. each)
1-Wire Port Dallas iButton, Temp Sensors
Quad-Band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz