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  • Automatic State Miles Report
  • Driver Behavior Events
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GPS Long Haul Truck Tracking

For $17.99/month you get:

  • Location updates every 1 minute
  • Automatic Track of Miles Driven (Daily Miles report and State Miles report)
  • Preventive Maintenance Module (alerts when is time to change oil, tire rotation, insurance renewal, etc.)

A no-brainer deal:

  • No-Contracts / Pay month-to-month
  • Suspend / Resume or Flat Cancel whenever you want

Test-Drive our GPS System

See our system in action with a real fleet

  • Just fill the form below and you will receive an email with a link that grants immediate access
  • Navigate around and do as much as you want in our live demo account

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Happy customers everywhere:

“Imagine having to track 15 to 20 limos all once. I practically had to stay on three or four phone lines throughout my working hours. EasiTrack GPS Tracking has given me full control over the location of our vehicles. Even so, we have increased our customer base as we are able to serve them in a very efficient manner. It is an investment that will pay for itself in no time.” - Megan Rogers, CA

“Prior to EasiTrack we had to rely on the old fashioned back and forth radio method to track our Taxi Cabs. Back then, we could only track our drivers one at a time. Now, we can track every vehicle in our fleet. EasiTrack definitely came through for us.” - Mathew Patterson, VA

“This system has been useful in many ways. It allows us to track idle time, it has been helpful in reducing avoidable overtime as drivers no longer have to waste valuable time trying to figure out directions. Most important of all, our combined gas usage has declined drastically; very little a correction made a huge difference.” - Mark O'Neill, TX

“We were able to recover our stolen vehicle by helping the police with the GPS location. Also, we have reduced our gas per mileage by a lot. Since EasiTrack installed the device, it’s been impossible to see our vehicles without it; it is a business necessity.” - Ann Western, TX

“Besides reducing idle time and knowing where each and every one of our driver is, we use it document and track pay time. You know precisely how many hours a driver has worked. You are able to know whether the car is moving or still, will definitely recommend it.” - Don White, FL

“As parents of 2, EasiTrack has been very helpful in tracking our teenagers’ whereabouts. No longer do we have to worry about where they are. It has given us peace of mind. A couple of clicks, and we know exactly where they are. My worries have been greatly reduced. ” - Michelle Reed, GA

“Since installing the tracking system, we have sky rocketed in productivity. We have real time information on the vehicles in our fleet. We are able to estimate times of arrival. We have reduced fuel costs and consumption. We have improved how we serve our customers, overall, we have being able to take on new business. ” - Isaac Hunter, AZ

“EasiTrack Tracking has given us the ability to account for our employees while out on patrol. It has made possible outstanding customer service and support. We are able to respond to our clients in a swift and efficient manner. Also, we have shaved thousands of dollars in unnecessary fuel related costs. In three words, ‘Simple Yet Effective’” - Tyler Novinich, CA

“I was sort of skeptical at first, however, I immediately realize how useful it is and how useful it could be. It has helped in improving our landscaping business in many respects. We know precisely where our guys and trucks are. It tells us exactly whether they are on the work-site or somewhere else. Since installing, we’ve increased the number of sites that we visit. Exceptional piece of software.” - David Thomas, CA

“The function of it is countless. Among its many uses, we use it in place of a time card. EasiTrack has given us the ability to track how many hours our drivers work, especially, while they are out on the job. Our labor costs have gone down and productivity has gone up.” - Ivan Martin, TX

“Above and beyond, this is the best invention since the invention of the car itself. We have reduced our overall gas consumption by eliminating needless idling; must have for any towing company.” - JJ Luo, AL

“EasiTrack has enabled us to significantly reduce unauthorized usage and fuel costs. We know exactly what our drivers are up to en route. As a result, customers receive their deliveries on time and more customers get served.” - Alberto Carneiro, VA

“EasiTrack's GPS Tracking has allowed us control over both of our businesses. It has as also helped us improve the way we serve our clients.” - Boris Martinez, NY

“Our delivery trucks have been able to take on more routes with EasiTrack's tracking system. What's more, it has served us well during those winter months when major routes are closed. It has helped us to improve how we serve our clients across the states. As an end result, we have lowered costs while increasing our customer base at the same time.” - Paul Blake, NY

"Very good hardware price. Other systems had a much higher hardware price which is a deterrent especially because we do not know how well they work. Getting your system was low risk even if it could have turned out not to be working well. But as a matter of fact it does work very well! The separate antenna was also a key item as it simplifies the installation. (Gives more flexibility to find power and good antenna location). The monthly cost is also excellent and the reporting rate was exactly what I need. I did not want to pay more for a higher reporting rate that I do not need." - Terry Gill , GA

Immediate access in real time to your trucks location

Robust GPS Tracker

  • Built with robust case and high sensitivity GPS chipset - will last for years.

    Easitrack GPS Tracker
  • Easy to install
  • Concealable installation
  • Reports every 15 minutes while vehicle is moving
  • Internal Backup Battery
  • Power Cut Alert: In the event main power is cut from the device, you will receive an immediate alert via email!

Real Time Location on every event of your vehicle:

Monitor all the events and movements of each one of your vehicles, minute by minute.

Easitrack GPS Tracker
  • Ignition ON
  • Ignition OFF
  • In Transit
  • Idle
  • Stopped
  • Speeding Alert
  • Excessive Idle Alert

With our Mobile App, access your fleet's information from your smartphone

  • EasiTrack Mobile App
  • EasiTrack Mobile App 1
  • EasiTrack Mobile App 2
  • EasiTrack Mobile App 3
  • EasiTrack Mobile App 4
  • Get immediate access to the exact address, speed, and heading
  • View each vehicle in a map in your phone
  • Simply access the system with the same login and password of your main web application!
  • All major mobile devices are compatible: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Samsung, and more...

Google Street View lets you see a real image of the whereabout of your vehicle(s)

  • With Street View, you can understand the environment where your service vehicle will perform.

    Street View
  • Google Street View is a technology that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world.

Fleet Maintenance Module

  • Create as many tasks as you need: Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Air filter change, Break pads change, etc.

    Easitrack Maintenance Schedules
  • Easily create maintenance schedules for each vehicle and each task.
  • EasiTrack will automatically monitor each task and will notify you via email when a task is due

    Easitrack Maintenance Schedules
  • Email Notifications: Receive automatic emails when tasks are about to be due.
  • Register all Preventive Maintenances and Repairs, including costs, for a centralized log of all fleet expenses
  • View all Maintenance and Repairs history of your fleet, online, and control your costs!

    Easitrack Maintenance Schedules

Fuel Log

  • Register every fueling event of your vehicles
  • Each fueling register includes: Date, Odometer, Gallons, Cost, and State!
  • View all Fueling history of your fleet, online, and control your fuel costs!

    Easitrack Fuel History

Track the miles driven per day/week/month, per job, per state

  • EasiTrack GPS Tracker send information of the miles driven minute by minute
  • The State Miles Report agregates the miles driven per state on a day-by-day basis or as a total for any period
  • The Performance Report shows the miles driven every day
  • The Short Trips Report shows the miles driven between stops

Unauthorized Use Alert

  • Now you can be notified if your vehicles are used out of authorized hours, like weekends or nights!
  • Set up any unauthorized days/hours, and be notified, in real time, if any vehicle is used in those hours.
  • Alerts are sent via Email AND SMS, to make sure you receive the alert, in time.
  • No more illegal / unauthorized use of your vehicles!

Customize your Fleet's icons!

  • Match your vehicles with different icons
  • Give the names you want to each device in the system
  • Customize the label of each icon with valuable information:

    Easitrack icon without label Easitrack icon with simple label Easitrack icon with double label

    No label

    Simple label

    Ex. Vehicle Name

    Double label

    Ex. Vehicle Name

    and Driver Name

Monitor each driver

  • Create as many drivers as you want
  • Assign drivers to vehicles
  • Monitor each driver's behavior in real time
  • Keep an electronic log of your drivers' detailed activities

Monitor unusual event and undesired behaviors

  • Receive real time alerts in your phone or email
  • Real Time Speeding Alerts
  • Real Time Excessive Idle Alerts

Immediate access to any of your vehicles' location

  • See your vehicles in a map, in real time
  • Select one, some, or all your vehicles to show in the map
  • Click a vehicle and view immediatelly the latest information: Location, Speed, Heading, date/time

Multi-Tracking mapping

  • View your flee in up to 4 maps in a single screen

    MultiTracking Module
  • Segment your fleet and have a close look-out to each one of your vehicles

Accurate and Immediate Fleet Reports

  • Run reports on the fly
  • Scheduled Reports: Receive your reports automatically AND via email as you need them: daily, weekly, or monthly! Or have the system send them to any one in your company to make sure everyone has the information they need, at hand and on time.
  • Export reports to excel
  • Process large reports in batch and receive them via email
  • Multiple activities reports:
    • Speeding Report
    • Idles Report
    • Stops Report
    • Fleet Productivity Report
    • State Miles Report (Daily and Summarized)
    • Fleet Detailed Activity Report: A comprehensive summary of: total miles per day, total travel time, total idle time, total stopped time, speeds by threshold, driver behavior's triggered alerts.

Multiple Users Roles

Create unlimited users and assign a appropriate access levels to each one!

  • Super Users: With access to 100% of the features
  • Power Users: With access to most operational features
  • Basic Users: With access to the maps and the reports, and ability to create geofences
  • Read-Only Users: With very limited access, just to view information

EasiTrack is... Unlimited Everywhere

You get...

  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Vehicles
  • Unlimited Historical Information
  • Unlimited Trainings
  • Unlimited Customer and Technical Support
  • unlimited access to all new software features

And much more...

  • One flat monthly fee
  • No contracts
  • Month-to-Month commitment
  • Suspend / Reactivate your service whenever you want
  • Online Access - you only need a computer with internet access
  • No need to install any software

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