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When I opened the box, I noticed that the device was on the Verizon network. This is a plus since a lot of our delivery drivers go to some remote areas that their cell phones don't work at. However so far the device has worked even in the far areas such as Fort Bragg.
We rent a lot of trucks and so the ODB connector is useful. So far, in any truck we have rented (or in our own trucks) we can just plug in the device and go. I have set up a bunch of geofences for various locations. So far these have worked good and the notifications help me track the day's progress.
One of the main reasons to get the device was to monitor and control expenses. Whereas before we could only know for sure the entire job time (transit + deliveries), and only know how long a team member took at a job site based on their account of the day. Now we can see accurate times for each delivery, the route the drivers took, and the traffic involved. Now I can better understand where we can improve to save money or some areas we need to increase prices we charge our clients.
For our drivers, We no longer have to call them throughout the day when clients are wondering how long till they get to their home. Now we can just look on the computer and see where the driver is and give the client an accurate estimate. In addition, now I can see bad traffic areas and attempt to route them around it, or at least when the driver is taking too long due to heavy traffic I don't have to bust their balls because they were too slow. So even our drivers like it. (and we do not hide the fact we are monitoring them).

"Very good hardware price. Other systems had a much higher hardware price which is a deterrent especially because we do not know how well they work. Getting your system was low risk even if it could have turned out not to be working well. But as a matter of fact it does work very well! The separate antenna was also a key item as it simplifies the installation. (Gives more flexibility to find power and good antenna location). The monthly cost is also excellent and the reporting rate was exactly what I need. I did not want to pay more for a higher reporting rate that I do not need." - Terry Gill , GA

“Besides reducing idle time and knowing where each and every one of our driver is, we use it document and track pay time. You know precisely how many hours a driver has worked. You are able to know whether the car is moving or still, will definitely recommend it.” - Don White, FL

“As parents of 2, EasiTrack has been very helpful in tracking our teenagers’ whereabouts. No longer do we have to worry about where they are. It has given us peace of mind. A couple of clicks, and we know exactly where they are. My worries have been greatly reduced. ” - Michelle Reed, GA

“Since installing the tracking system, we have sky rocketed in productivity. We have real time information on the vehicles in our fleet. We are able to estimate times of arrival. We have reduced fuel costs and consumption. We have improved how we serve our customers, overall, we have being able to take on new business. ” - Isaac Hunter, AZ

“EasiTrack Tracking has given us the ability to account for our employees while out on patrol. It has made possible outstanding customer service and support. We are able to respond to our clients in a swift and efficient manner. Also, we have shaved thousands of dollars in unnecessary fuel related costs. In three words, ‘Simple Yet Effective’” - Tyler Novinich, CA

“I was sort of skeptical at first, however, I immediately realize how useful it is and how useful it could be. It has helped in improving our landscaping business in many respects. We know precisely where our guys and trucks are. It tells us exactly whether they are on the work-site or somewhere else. Since installing, we’ve increased the number of sites that we visit. Exceptional piece of software.” - David Thomas, CA

“The function of it is countless. Among its many uses, we use it in place of a time card. EasiTrack has given us the ability to track how many hours our drivers work, especially, while they are out on the job. Our labor costs have gone down and productivity has gone up.” - Ivan Martin, TX

“Imagine having to track 15 to 20 limos all once. I practically had to stay on three or four phone lines throughout my working hours. EasiTrack GPS Tracking has given me full control over the location of our vehicles. Even so, we have increased our customer base as we are able to serve them in a very efficient manner. It is an investment that will pay for itself in no time.” - Megan Rogers, CA

“Prior to EasiTrack we had to rely on the old fashioned back and forth radio method to track our Taxi Cabs. Back then, we could only track our drivers one at a time. Now, we can track every vehicle in our fleet. EasiTrack definitely came through for us.” - Mathew Patterson, VA

“Above and beyond, this is the best invention since the invention of the car itself. We have reduced our overall gas consumption by eliminating needless idling; must have for any towing company.” - JJ Luo, AL

“EasiTrack has allowed us to cut our emergency response time in half. We are able tell which one of our security vehicles is in the immediate area. The internet maps and report are vital components.” - Rick Rubinstein, GA

“EasiTrack has enabled us to significantly reduce unauthorized usage and fuel costs. We know exactly what our drivers are up to en route. As a result, customers receive their deliveries on time and more customers get served.” - Alberto Carneiro, VA

“EasiTrack's GPS Tracking has allowed us control over both of our businesses. It has as also helped us improve the way we serve our clients.” - Boris Martinez, NY

“This system has been useful in many ways. It allows us to track idle time, it has been helpful in reducing avoidable overtime as drivers no longer have to waste valuable time trying to figure out directions. Most important of all, our combined gas usage has declined drastically; very little a correction made a huge difference.” - Mark O'Neill, TX

“We were able to recover our stolen vehicle by helping the police with the GPS location. Also, we have reduced our gas per mileage by a lot. Since EasiTrack installed the device, it’s been impossible to see our vehicles without it; it is a business necessity.” - Ann Western, TX

“Our delivery trucks have been able to take on more routes with EasiTrack's tracking system. What's more, it has served us well during those winter months when major routes are closed. It has helped us to improve how we serve our clients across the states. As an end result, we have lowered costs while increasing our customer base at the same time.” - Paul Blake, NY

"We experimented with many GPS services. With EasiTrack we found the best results. The tracker works consistently all the time. Thank you EasiTrack!" - Samuel Pineda, FL

"It has been a pleasure to work with EasiTrack and their service, as it provides all the functionality we need and more. Among our favorite features are the useful dispatching feature and the historical trail. I would not hesitate to recommend EasiTrack service." - M. Gordon, CA

"Our ongoing commitment to excellence has led us to use many GPS services; however we are using EasiTrack due to our dissatisfaction with many other GPS vendors. Working with EasiTrack has been a pleasure and using their service has given us our most reliable, efficient and best all around product to date." - Luis Escobar, TX

"What I like the most on the EasiTrack system is the online uninterrupted and fast location updates." - Carl Mayors, CA