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Real Time Alerts

Get notified in real time of unwanted vehicle behavior or special events

Real time alerts give immediate actionable information

GPS fleet tracking alerts are critical for monitoring special events or undesired driving behavior. By setting an alert, you will be notified in real time when events that you want to keep track (e.g. arrivals and or departures to certain sites) unwanted driving behavior occurs (e.g. speeding, extended idling, entering areas they shouldn't be, etc.) These alerts can be delivered to any number of recipients via email and/or SMS. In addition, alerts are stored in the EasiTrack fleet reports system for later reporting.

  • Monitor your vehicles' exceptions via email and/or SMS
  • Alerts can be received by unlimited number of recipients
  • Take immediate action on an event
  • Improve safety
  • Instant notification of any unwanted behavior
  • Increase fleet productivity
  • Increase vehicle security
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Types of alerts

EasiTrack provides several types of alerts to help you be informed immediatelly of many aspects of your fleet's behavior:

  • Speeding Alert

    Triggered when a vehicle exceed a predetermined speed limit (set by you). INCREASE SAFETY!
  • Idle Alert

    Triggered when a vehicle idles past a threshold that you define. This is a MONEY SAVER!
  • Unauthorized Use Alert

    Triggered when a vehicle is used outside of a predefined shedule. CURVE UNAUTHORIZED USAGE AND DETECT THEFT ON TIME!
  • Arrivals/Departures Alert

    Triggered when a vehicle enters and/or exist geofences. IDEAL PROOF OF SERVICE AND DELIVERY!
  • Main Power Cut Alert

    Triggered when the GPS Tracker looses power (battery disconnected). IDENTIFY POSSIBLE TAMPERING!