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Real Time Posted Speed Limit*

Identify high-risk driving behavior and control vehicle speeds

* SpeedGauge Posted Speed Limit is an optional feature. Additional charges apply.

EasiTrack is integrated with SpeedGauge Posted Speed Limit

EasiTrack is fully integrated with SpeedGauge to provide Posted Speed Limit control. SpeedGauge is the indisputable leader and patent-holder of Posted Speed Limit systems, and provides the most robust database of posted speed limits in the USA.

EasiTrack customers will be able to rapidly utilize the most innovative speed monitoring solution on the market.

EasiTrack's partnership with SpeedGauge allows to offer our customers this high valuable service for just pennies a day.

Posted Speed Limit price: from $8.00 per Vehicle/Month

Get True Speed Violations

Using GPS to help fleets manage speed

The Costs of Speed: Safety, fuel economy, emissions and maintenance. Excessive speed is a major factor in 30 percent of fatal truck accidents and is a leading indicator of other types of poor driver behavior. Speed-related crashes result in nearly 1,600 deaths and $6 billion in lost productivity in the U.S. each year.

EasiTrack uses SpeedGauge solutions to help fleet operators on all types of roads in the US to:

  • Identify high-risk driving behavior.
  • Control speed.
  • Monitor, rank and rate drivers.
Posted Speed Limit

Go beyond simple speed control

With SpeedGauge, a fleet manager can control speeding on residential streets, in school zones and in adverse weather conditions.

Also, a fleet manager gets reporting and analytical tools to help quickly identify problem areas and track and train drivers over time.

Speed Violation Chart

Monitor Driver Behavior

With EasiTrack you can create your drivers in the system and assign them manually or automatically (iButtons required) to the vehicles they driver. The Drivers information will be sent to SpeedGauge automatically by EasiTrack, and you will be able to monitor each driver's behavior, in real time. You will also be able to see statistics and reports with your drivers' behavior information.

Driver Report

Real Time Inicident Alerts

Fleet Manager and even drivers can receive real time incident alerts via email. You can set the thresholds for incidents, the frequency of the incident alerts, and the people who should receive the Real Time Incident Alerts.

Incident Alert Email

Detail and Summary Reports

You will receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports that summarize or show in detail the speeding incidents of your fleet. You can set up the frequency of the reports, the days when you want to receive them, and the people who will receive them.

Speed Violation Chart

"During our beta test with SpeedGauge we had a service center with 160 trucks reduce speeding violations by 50% within 6 months, and are forecasting similar results company wide. SpeedGauge has been a great partner to have and the system is a good tool for lane engineering and productivity measurement." - Sam Faucette, Director of Safety, Compliance & Recruitment, Old Dominion Freight Lines

"SpeedGauge enables us to create a better presence in the public. Implementing SpeedGauge was as simple as flipping a switch and has allowed us to cut speeding violations by 22 percent in the first five months of use." - Brett McGovern, VP of Operations, Martin Transportation Systems, Byron Center, Michigan

"Our operations team is excited to get their true speed violations. The data is now more relevant and we are able to coach our drivers who speed at lower speeds. We pull the SpeedGauge information daily via an API and have integrated it into our existing data so an automated report can be sent each day to each respective manager." - Steve Heinking, CIO, Renzenberger Inc., Lenexa, Kansas

"SpeedGauge is incredibly helpful and insightful. SpeedGauge allows me to monitor our drivers’ performance for speed and their compliance. With our old system, I had to manually search through hundreds of pages of data, now I get a daily email every morning that’s succinct, convenient and easy to review, allowing me to better manage my time." - Ralph Bower, Lomak Bulk Carriers, Prince George, British Columbia