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Hot Spots

See at a glance the most visited locations (hot spots) of the drivers... be it a job or NOT

EasiTrack extracts intelligent, actionable information for you

HotSpots are places where your drivers go with a certain frequency, that are not created as geofences. With HotSpots you can pin-point any place that is being visited by your drivers with or without your knowledge. HotSpots is based on a very complex analytical algorithm that extracts intelligent data from the behavior of your fleet, to give you an insight that otherwise would be nearly impossible to acquire.

Discover Side-Jobs easily

With EasiTrack, you can find out whether your drivers are doing side jobs or not. EasiTrack's intelligent analytical engine is continuously running through the data sent by each one of your devices, minute by minute, and correlating stops and frequencies, to identify patterns of recurrent stops. Some times these stops are side-jobs.

Hot Spot details

Identify frequently visited job sites and create them as Geofences

With the Hot Spots Module, you can rank the locations most frequently visited by your drivers to uncover unknown places and activity worth tracking with Geofences. This allows you to discover the top locations your drivers go to, identify them as Geofences and track your fleet's activity around them.

Hot Spot Heat Map

Detailed knowlege about each Hot Spot

The Hot Spots module includes the following details:

  • Heat map showing the exact location and intensity of each Hot Spot
  • Address of the Hot Spot location
  • Number of times the Hot Spot has been visited in the last 30 days
  • Date of last visit to the Hot Spot
  • Detail of all visits made to the Hot Spot, including date, time, duration, driver name