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EasiTrack's Installation of our GPS Tracker

Please find below our installation manuals

1. MOST POPULAR: Internal Antenna GPS Tracker Installation Guide.
2. External Antenna GPS Tracker Installation Guide.
3. iButton / Driver ID Installation Guide.
4. OBD connection add-on Installation Guide.
5. Starter Interrupt Supplement Installation Guide.
6. Temperature Sensor Wire Diagram and Installation Guide.

ALSO: In addition to the above documentation, you will also have direct access to our Technical Engineers who will be more than happy to guide you through the installation process, step by step.

Overview of the installation process

The installation is a 3 step process:

1. Find a secure location where to locate the GPS Tracker (more)

2. Connect the 3 wires of the GPS Tracker to the vehicle's electrical system (more)

3. (OPTIONAL) Find a good location to locate the antennas, and connect them to the transponder (more)

1. Find a secure location where to locate the GPS Tracker

Dashboard Installation

Choose a convenient location in the vehicle – either in the trunk or interior of a vehicle. Avoid locations that might expose the device to excessive heat or moisture.

The most common location for the GPS Tracker is under the dashboard. Some vehicles also offer a panel in front of the dashboard that can be open to expose a space where to install the GPS Tracker.

Warning: The GPS Tracker is NOT a waterproof or sealed device. Care must be taken to ensure the device is kept away from water or any other liquids.

2. Connect the 3 wires of the GPS Tracker to the vehicle's electrical system

Dashboard Installation

The basic installation involves 3 cables: POWER, GROUND, and IGNITION SENSE.

  • POWER LINE (RED WIRE): This has to be connected to a source where there is constant power, even when the Ignition is OFF.

  • GROUND LINE (BLACK WIRE): This line has to be connected to a good ground of the vehicle.

  • IGNITION SENSE LINE (WHITE WIRE): It is highly recommended that the white wire (ignition sense line) be run to an ignition switched line that is high in both Start and On positions. High is measured as at greater than 1 volt. If the ignition sense line of the modem is wired to a source where the voltage goes low (drops below 1.0 Volts, even momentarily), when in the start position, then ignition debounce may be required, and ignition on event trigger could be missed on occasion.

Fuse Box

Most users and installers try to connect these cables to the fuse box of the vehicle.

3. (OPTIONAL) Find a good location to locate the antennas, and connect them to the transponder

Most devices come with an INTERNAL ANTENNA. For those with an EXTERNAL ANTENNA follow this step:

GPS Antenna

The GPS Antenna has to be mounted with the flat surface facing the sky, and with no metal above it. A proper location of the GPS Antenna is critical to the proper operation of the tracker.

GSM Antenna

The GSM Antenna can be installed in any place.

Recomendations about installation

The following table depicts our recommendations about sourcing the installation:


Our analysis

Best Buy stores

Many Best Buy stores across the country offer the service of car-radio installations. They will be able to also install your GPS Tracker. Given that our trackers are widely known across the USA, chances are your Best Buy store has experience with this particular device.

Find a Best Buy store here.


  • Everybody knows Best Buy and most people have one store close to them.
  • Best Buy has technicians with the tools and the experience to perform a perfect job.
  • The fee is usually between $50 and $75, which is very reasonable.


  • Probably the only disadvantage of Best Buy is that you will have to take your vehicle(s) to the store, which sometimes is difficult, specially on big trucks.

Car Radio Shops

As indicated above, any technician with car radio installation experience will be able to perform a great job. They can easily be found on the Yellow Pages of your city or town.


  • Most, if not all cities have one or more car radio shops.
  • In most cases the technicians can go to the vehicle(s) location to perform the installations


  • One drawback when compared to Best Buy is the fee. An installation performed by this source may range between $75 and $119 per install.

Professional GPS Installers

We usually recommend a web site called Vehicle Installers. This is a network of professional installers across the USA. You will be able to find certified technicians or companies with hands-on experience in this type of job.


  • Professional Installers with previous experience installing GPS Trackers
  • They will usually go to your place
  • They will know for certain where to properly locate the GPS antenna


  • The fee per installation can go from $75 all the way up to $120
  • If the installer is not located close enough, any troubleshooting may cost extra.

Internal Employees or Company Mechanics

This is a great, if not the best alternative. Why? Because you would have the resources in place, and at a cost that you are already paying. Also, any maintenance would be done at the most convenient time, and again at a marginal cost.


  • In-Situ service
  • Most probably you are already paying these employees, so no extra costs for the installation
  • Totally flexible scheduling for installations
  • In-Site troubleshootings, if needed.


  • We don't really see any disadvantage here as long as the individuals in the tasks are really knowleadgable or willing to learn.

Some facts about installing a GPS Tracker

FACT: The installation of the GPS Tracker is the most important step in the entire process

  • This holds true for every GPS Tracker in the world that goes hard-wired to the vehicle
  • 99% of the technical support cases we receive are originated on a poor installation.
  • The 2 most important factors on a proper installation are:

    • The electrical installation, and
    • the location of the GPS antenna
  • The 2 most common causes of poor installation are:

    • An improperly Ignition Cable wiring: Prevents the unit from doing periodical resets that keep the system clean and working
    • An improperly located GPS Antenna: Causes inaccurate locations or Drifting effects (jumps from one place to another)

FACT: Installing a GPS Tracker is very much like installing a car radio

  • The electrical wiring on a basic installation of a GPS Tracker is exactly the same of that of a car radio.
  • The only difference is in the location of the GPS Antenna (In the next section we discuss about this part of the installation).

FACT: If you have the tools and the knowledge, you can do the installation yourself

  • Many of our customers do the installation themselves.
  • If you don't have the tools or the experience, we highly recommend that you get some help with the installation of your GPS Tracker.