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Fuel Card Transactions Upload Module

UPLOAD your fuel card transactions and REPORT fuel activity across your fleet

Identify fuel theft, unauthorized fueling and excess consumption

With EasiTrack's Fuel Log Module, you can Know more, save more, with integrated fuel card transactions:

  • Can you easily identify irregularities in fuel usage?
  • Can you effectively manage your fuel budget or control purchases?
  • Can you minimize opportunities for fuel theft?
Fuel Log Data

Easily generate reports for fuel management reports

When you upload all the fueling transactions, we automatically calculate the closest odometer to the fueling event. With this calculation with can provide you with a wealth of information to manage your fleet's fuel usage.

  • The Fuel Log Report will show you: Odometer at moment of fueling, Gallons, Cost, and MPG since last fueling.
  • The report will also show the totals for the selected period per vehicle and for the whole fleet.
  • Get to know: MPG per fueling, Average MPG per vehicle, Average MPG for the entire fleet, Fuel Costs, and more.
Fuel Log Data