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Real Time GPS Fleet Tracking

View the exact location of each one of your vehicles

View one or all your vehicles in Google Maps

You will have access to EasiTrack 24/7 to get the most accurate locations of your vehicles via Google Maps. You can see your entire fleet, or select which vehicles to see. For each vehicle you will be able to see its current address, its status, and the date and time of the last event. If the vehicle is moving, you will be able to see its speed, all in real time.

Tracking Module

Satellite View

The Satellite View will allow you to perfecly understand the whereabouts of your fleet. Just click the Satellite View option to immediatelly get a panoramic and vivid image of the actual places where your vehicles are, at any given time. Satellite View allows you to provide route information based on visual landmarks to drivers in the field.

Satellite Module

Current traffic conditions

With the Google Maps technology, you will be able to see the current traffic conditions for each one of your vehicles. Just turn the Traffic feature ON with a click of a button, and you will be able to identify which one of your vehicles is in heavy traffic, and which one can move faster, to assign the best one to your next job.

Traffic Information

Street View

When you need to know the exact conditions of the location of one of your vehicles, you can activate Street View. This is the latest technology provided by Google to have a perfect representation of the location of your vehicles. With Street View you can virtually ride along with your driver, as if you were sitting right besides him. You can even look around, up and down.

Street View Mode

Detailed information per vehicle

EasiTrack provides all the information you need to know to manage your fleet, every time. By just clicking the icon of any of your vehicles, an info-bubble will pop-up to show current status of the vehicle, including address, status (Driving, Idling, Stopped, etc.), Speed, Driver name, etc. You cna even create instantly a geofence based on the current location of the selected vehicle.

Street View Mode

Easy vehicle color-coding depending on its status

Understanding the status of your fleet at a glance is very easy, thanks to the color-coding used by EasiTrack. You will quickly learn what each color means; for example, a vehicle with a Green code means it is moving, while a Red code means Stopped and Yelllow code means Idling. Each color represents a main status of each one of your vehicles.

Tracking Color Codes