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Breadcrumb Trail

Replay the entire route of any of your vehicles at any given point in time.

Route replay is easy

With EasiTrack, you can review the route followed by any of your vehicles, at any given time. Just select the vehicle, enter the timeframe, and execute the query. In seconds, you will see, in the map, the entire circuit of your vehicle, step by step. With this capability it is very easy to spot inefficiencies and even inconsistencies, like vehicles that go out of their expected route.

Trail Module

Overlay geofences to verify visits to job sites

Your vehicles are on the road visiting job sites, all the time. With EasiTrack's ability to overlay geofences in top of the Breadcrumb Trail, you will be able to verify all the visited sites, and the order in which they were visited. Also, you will be able to identify job sites that have not been visited at all!

Trail with geofences

Understand your vehicles' routes step by step

The Breadcrumb Trail feature will not only present the route information in the map: in the left-side of the screen you will be able to see a full-detailed list of all the events generated by the vehicle, minute by minute, so you know exactly the status of the service vehicle everytime throughout the day. You'll be able to see status, address, date and time, speed, etc.

Trail Details

Each event is shown in detail

By clicking each event in the map, you will also be able to see the details of that particular event. The same Infobubble is triggered when you click the even in the left-side list of the screen.

Trail Info Bubble